Push vs Pull

Everyday, we absorb tons of useless information and scramble to find what we need or want to know. You can change that to be more peaceful and efficient.

Everyday, each of us is bombarded by tons of useless messages and information. Things that are not relevant, that we don't need to know or don't care about. Think about ads, notifications, emails, alerts of all kinds.

That's pushed information. Items that get into your life without you doing anything.

On the other end, there are things you want to know, because they are important, or relevant to you in some way. Last night result of your favorite sport team, sales data for February, ... and often, you have to take action to access those. Head to a website, log into a CRM, ...

That's pulled information. Items you are actually retrieving yourself.

Change your world. Make it enjoyable.

Push what's pulled and pull what's pushed.

First step is to eliminate all the distractions. Limit what gets pushed to you. Some won't be possible. But, an ad blocker, turning off all the irrelevant notifications on your phone, having filters or specific time blocks to check emails, ... are simple options to clear the clutter you may live in. When you need to know something from there, just go look for it, but otherwise, ... you don't need the interruption.

Then, you can start having relevant information pushed to you, intelligently. When you develop tools to help you. When there is something that you need to know, ask yourself : "When do I need to know about it?" and "How often ?" and "How ?". That should drive you do the correct frequency and medium to enhance your experience.

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You can't escape it all, control what you can

Don't forget to set some monitoring in place to check everything is running smoothly and enjoy having a clearer mind.

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