No Mobile App Required

In most cases, I would advocate building your tools as a web application. It is available 24/7 from anywhere on any device.

What it means is that your application will be hosted on a server. Each user will be able to access it using a web browser, on their laptop or phone. In the same way you are viewing this website.

Benefits of hosting on a server

You control where it runs

And controlling where it runs as a big benefit. It is less impacted by the user's configuration. It doesn't mean that there won't be any problem to solve. There are still a lot of device types, operating systems and browsers to consider, along with each specific configuration, but it is a bit easier to manage. Especially if you keep the fanciness light on the front-end code.

It is available to anyone / anywhere / anytime

There is no restrictions anymore. Your tool can be accessed from anywhere by anyone whenever they want. It is always on and doesn't require to have access to a specific device anymore.

As result, all the data can also be stored in a central location. What someone updates can become available to anyone else immediately.

Update once available to anyone

That's one the main benefits on building a SaaS, along with the always on premise. Your users all access the same / latest version of your software available.  That and the fact that


Requires an internet connection

Being stored on a server means that in order to get data or to perform most tasks, users will need an internet connection.

Not all functions may be available

There may be restrictions on what your software can do if it only runs in the browser. It may not be able to access all functions available on a smartphone. In most cases, it would be a micro-optimization and there will be plenty of time before it becomes a real problem.

It is available to anyone / anywhere / anytime

That's also a drawback. Unlike any software or application installed on a device, you need to pay extra attention to the security aspects, making sure that your software and servers follow the best practices and regularly gets updated to the latest version to avoid any risk for you, your customer and the data.

Back to the mobile app...

If you do things right, you will focus on having what's called a responsive website. That means it will adapt to the device screen size. In doing so, you can provide a nice user experience a mobile too.

And now, with the ability to directly add a bookmark to your device home screen, you can have a direct link opening the URL in your browser.

If and only if you need more native functions or your clients really ask for it (not only for convenience) should you consider, maybe, having one.

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