Conflict of Interest

Be wary, if you have one person doing it all. You may not get what's best for you.

You've made your decision. You'll get started building or enhancing automation and tools for your business. All you need is someone to take the task over. Someone that can identify what should be automated, improved and then lead the implementation.

That's awesome!

However, when you look for that person, be careful of who you choose.

You need to make sure that all incentives are aligned.

If you go with different persons for each part :

  • One to identify what has to be done and following it, we can call it a "Product Manager"
  • One "Developer" for the implementation

Then you should be fine.

If you find one person for all, there may be a conflict of interest going on in their mind. If that person isn't that interested in implementing the best solution to a problem, you may get offered sub-par options.