Each week or months, the tech world has its new buzzwords. ChatGPT, Web3, Blockchain... Following all trends is risky and inefficient. Focus on what you need to do and then evaluate the options. But keep things simple.

NFT. Web3. Blockchain. Datafication. Net Neutrality. Metaverse. Xaas. Hyper-Personalization. Gamification. AR. VR. AI. ChatGPT. Neural Networks. Blockchain. Computer Vision. Distributed Cloud. 5G. Voice-as-User Interface (VUI). Web3. Cloud-Native Platforms. Big Data. PaaS. Chatbots. Cloud. Cryptocurrenccy. Data Mining. DevOps. MLOps. Microservices. React. Node...

In the tech world, each week comes with its new set of buzzwords or trendy language, idea, techniques.

It is said that things move fast... It is true, to some extent. In a lot of cases, it is just a different way of achieving an identical outcome. There may be differences, but, not always worth it.

Trying to keep up and follow each is a dangerous trap you shouldn't fall into. Most of them won't apply to you or become irrelevant very quickly.

Plus, none of those are getting simpler. Consider the overhead of complexity. And unless you are ready to fully jump into a new technology, stick with proven and simple ones.

Once again, start with what you are trying ot accomplish and focus on getting it done. Make tech work for you. Don't try to fit you in how tech works.

There are various ways of accomplishing everything. While people may persuade each that X or Y is the best tool for the job, it may not.

Stay simple.

Resist adding complexity for the sake of it.

If or when it becomes relevant, consider it, evaluate carefully whether it is really needed.

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